Saturday, January 17, 2009

Progress on The List

There has been a little progress on the list...

2. Finish my masters degree in counseling - this one is kind of always
in progress.

12. Work out 3 times per week. - I'm going to a new gym today with my mom...yes, I own Wii fit. Yes, I could use that. However, I like a gym, and I've been having huge problems with my back, so I'm looking for a place with a pool and also some weight training. I'm done with physical therapy now, and I really miss being in the pool.

17. Take my vitamin every day (super important, considering goal #1)for 3 months.(but i'll keep doing it afterwards.)(4/90) - Finally got some prenatals i like, that don't make me feel sick. Yay! I want to take Prenate DHA, but I need a prescription. In the meantime, I'm taking One a Day Prenatals with DHA supplement - I think they're pretty close. And they kinda smell like vanilla!

20. Make 5 blog posts per month for 3 months. (2/15)- Trying to be better about this - I think having the list to talk about will help lol.

26. Make dinner 5 nights a week for a month. (2/4)- We've done this two weeks in a row! Planning is the key it seems. I now have a little white board on the fridge where we plan our menu for the week - I love it; no more deciding that night what we should have, no more freaking out because we don't have what i need for dinner. All set and ready to go!

59. Use my reusable bags instead of plastic grocery bags every time i go to the store for 3 months. (2/4)- So I'm only averaging about 50% on this one...i still forget sometimes, and other times the checkout people are so fast! Mostly it's the forgetting. I'll get better though. I wish they would ask if you had your own bags!

65. Organize and file all the paper on my desk at work. – Desk is clean, just have to get some hanging file folders so I can actually use my filing cabinet!

68. Take a self-portrait each day for a year.(2/365) Starting on my birthday, 1/15/09
69. Take a photo each day for a year and create my own coffee table style book.
Both of these started on 1/15/09 - should be interesting! I feel like i need to get ready everyday so I can stop looking so scary lol - but then I guess it wouldn't be quite as real. I forgot until I was about to go to bed yesterday to do this...I'm thinking we'll have lots of shots of the dogs in the photo a day for the year.

92. Try 50 new recipes. (2/50)- So far I've tried a Southwest Black
Bean salad (yummy!) and Mashed potato soup (also yummy! and so easy!)I'll post the recipes ASAP :)

100. Teach my parents how to use Skype so they can call people when they are in Costa Rica. - This is in progress...I gave them a lesson last weekend, installed the software and set up the account. We're still having issues with them figuring out how to connect to wi-fi access points (sigh) but they just got a new laptop so it should be WAY easier now. I'll consider this complete when they go on their trip and
successfully contact me using Skype in February.

This weekend, I plan on completing:

101. Clean my microwave. I can't believe that's the last thing on my list, but it really needs to be done, and I keep putting it off.
98. Clean out the cabinet under the sink in the master bathroom.
83. Put together bedside table in guest bedroom.

I plan on doing a great deal of organizing and cleaning this weekend, but we also have plans to see friends and celebrate my birthday with my family, so I'm not sure exactly how much I'll get done. I love having this list though - it gives me direction and focus for when i do have time to spend accomplishing things!


Tsquared417 said...

Good for you! A list and keeping track of your accomplishments...that should help a lot! We can work out together at WW anytime on the weekend (since I doubt you want to go swim at 5 a.m.!) just let me know. I love the pool...I could show you some water aerobic exercises or we could take a class together. I can't wait to see you tomorrow...have fun tonight! Love you!!

Tsquared417 said...

BTW, we'd love to be one of the 6 that you have over for dinner! :) We'd also love to be the family you adopt for Christmas! :)