Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm a

Monday Mumbers, inspired by my sis...

862,347: The number of times I've wished myself back to bed this morning.

3: The number of exams left to do in my Drugs and Mental health class.

6: The number of loads of laundry still waiting for me at home.

2: The number of awesome naps I took this weekend, instead of doing said laundry or exams.

7: The number of days I have dinner planned for this week - woo woo!

960: The number of pipet tips i had to re-rack after i dropped them on the floor this morning. Clearly I need to have more caffeine before I attempt to do anything in the lab.

1466: The number of unread emails in my inbox...i get way too much junkmail.

264: The number of days until A and I leave for vacation. Far too long.

1 comment:

Tsquared417 said...

You're supposed to copy! We all do it on Monday usually...although this is my first one! :) Check out goodenough mama...hers are always hilarious! BTW, where are you guys going on vaca? I didnt' know you were going anywhere!!