Friday, May 15, 2009

Ah, Young Love

I must must MUST share with you some of the fabulous new things I've come to love recently. Because they are fantastic, and you will love them too. I'm sure of it.

#1....Colgate Wisps!!! Frickin AMAZING!

I love these things. I am a fan, and have been for awhile, of being able to brush/freshen up on the go. However, since I work in a microbiology lab, i can't really keep a toothbrush and paste in my desk (who knows what will get on it) so I prefer some sort of disposable device. Previous versions have been, um, ok...but it was more like rubbing a piece of paper on your teeth. This feels like an actual BRUSH! And it's so minty! (or cinnamon-y! or spearmint-t!) PLUS - there's a little pick thing at the other end to really scrape with - or if you happen to get a popcorn kernel stuck at the movies. I'm just saying. AND - they are individually wrapped in the package of four, so they won't get all gross while they are waiting in your purse for you to use them. Perfection.

#2. Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain

I appreciate that I am pretty much smack dab in the middle of America's Next Top Model's target audience, but wow - did I go for this one. And DAMN - these are HA-mazing. They really are like magic in a marker. And oddly enough, it totally feels like you are coloring your lips with a marker. (Anyone else do that when they were little? No? Just me? Ok.) I got mine yesterday, in #420, which I believe is Sassy Mauve. Now, word of warning - they go on WAY more intense than the color of the packaging would lead you to believe. Also, I think the packaging leaves a little something to be desired. However, once I put this on, then added a top layer of lipgloss (my next favorite thing, see #3) it looked SO lovely! AND - the color stayed all through dinner! and talking with friends! And about 7 diet cokes! And two glasses of water! (i drink alot.) I was very impressed. So were my girlfriends.

#3. Stila Lipgloss in Kitten

I own a ridiculous number of lipglosses. For reals. But this one - is almost perfect. It is super shiny, not to sticky, glittery, but not in a seven-year-old-at-a-Hannah-Montana-concert kind of glittery. More a Look-How-Gorgeous-My-Mouth-Is-Don't-You-Want-To-Kiss-Me vibe. Lovely. Stila is well known for their Lipgloss and the color Kitten (eye shadow is SUPER popular nude) so the lipgloss in Kitten was a no brainer.

4. Google Chrome

If you haven't downloaded it yet, do it right now. I'll wait.


It should be done now. That's how stinkin' fast it is! Love love love it. Wish every site on the internet would realize how amazing it is and update their code so I wouldn't run into the occasional one that doesn't work with it. Still, totally worth it and use it on every computer I own.

5. The Pioneer Woman
I love blogs...I love to read them and follow them. It takes up a large part of my day. This one is FANTASTIC. Great recipes (seriously - they've ALL been good that I've tried so far.) Ree's photography is amazing, her storytelling skills are astounding (i'm on the edge of my seat with her wedding/courtship story!) and I love seeing the pictures and hearing stories of daily life on the Ranch. I feel like I might have to turn this into a cooking/food blog just so I can go visit her. That's how cool I think she is.


Tsquared417 said...

Where's my blog???? I'm cool, come on...and young love and it's my anniversary. Geez...I guess I'm old love. :) Where'd you find the know I've been looking!

Guilty Money said... know I love your blog. I found the lipstain at Walgreen's, where I stopped to get some cold medicine. The "mauve" looks more "red" fyi - just for your reference. Its very pretty though!

Andy and Jenni said...

I like the idea of you reviewing stuff. You have good taste, and it will save me time and money. So, I suggest you keep it up. When the mood strikes, of course, and when you've really found more to recommend. I think I need to make a trip to Walgreens now...